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Having the heart of a punk isn’t always easy. Brandon liked the idea that he could be his own man, even if it went against the norm – especially if it went against the norm. He experimented, like all teenagers with different personas, and I’m not sure he would have settled on the punk mentality if he had had a chance to grow into a man. Who’s to say? As a parent I simply wanted him to know he had the space to be whatever expression he needed to be.

Brandon was a good worker. He was inspired by his uncle to open his own business since he helped him with his Kansas City plumbing company over the summer months. Surprisingly they had a common taste in music and when they worked together they would play Punk rock all day long. Music is the great uniter, right? Here are a few of Brandon’s favorite artists and their latest releases:

3D Printed is not your average 3d product design company. This heavy metal group started getting attention back in 2011. Combining the fear of a collapsing economy fueled by the unrest of the many doomsday prophesies for the upcoming 2012, this group hit a chord. With a name that implies the duplication of more of the same in our future, their recordings hold true to the times. 3D Printed’s first album, To Hell With Hell, took it’s listeners into the depths of a dark reality.

Apparently a reality that most metallic loving listeners could relate to, since from the time they hit the punk venue their albums have been downloaded to the tune of some big bucks. It’s unfortunate, however that the group split, and there are no future albums scheduled for release.

Harley Flanagan As always Flanagan uses life as his target and doesn’t shoot blanks. His influence on the New York Hardcore Music sound guarantees him a place to express his angst about anything in any hardcore venue. In his latest album, Cro-Mags he blasts, non-stop with riffs that let loose a furry of wrath on former band members. His proliferation of talent is not lost on the refined ear as he occasionally slows from 150 mph to a mere 80 and his true skill becomes evident.

David Bowie
In his newly released album Blackstar, Bowie sings “Look up here, I’m in Heaven” as his final goodbye, and his unique way of telling his fans, thank you, I’m outta here. He knew he was dying of cancer when he recorded and made the video Lazarus to leave a lasting visual impression of the Bowie attitude. Not a non-stop blast leaving only roadkill behind, Blackstar hits his audience with thought provoking, relatable soul sounds. It’s opening ten minute title song has the usual occultish lyrics known as Bowie’s style. The jazz hip-hop,skittering, stomping beats take you into a melodic synth-funk threatening to take your “passport and shoes”. Bowie gave his all and left us wanting more.

Ignite If you think their previous release, Our Darkest Days was their best body of work, you will totally ignite with A War Against You. The brothers reunite and Zoli Teglas is back on vocals, and they seem happy to be making music together once again. Their latest album’s agenda is a statement on the sociopolitical issues. With the world in such a state of unrest with politics taking center stage this band would not keep its voice down. They are known for mixing melodic punk and hardcore genres together and they’ve done a brilliant job on A War Against You.

Decent Criminal This NorCal surf punk band has been leaving it’s mark since 2008. Their sound is as unique as it is fresh. Their first full length title, by the same name Decent Criminal, has just been released and the fans are wondering what took them so long. Their combination of surf and garage punk can be heard throughout, but is optimally present on the first track entitled “Vacant”. Complete with distorted guitar progressions and rapid drum fills you can hear the garage rock vibe as well as the laid back vocals that represent the surf influence.

Who are some of your favorite punk/hardcore groups? Leave a comment as I know Brandon reads these articles and he appreciates your feedback.

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