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It has that innate quality to bring people together. Mutual resonance – it is undeniable. Music, the great universal Unitetor. The heart of a Punk and the soul of a Rasta are brought under the same bodily roof when music enters the scene. Neither culture could be whole without its music. They hit off of each other like a certified arborist Fayetteville NC would do when they’re working with trees or a professional plumber would do when working with water pipes.

The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, the Dead Kennedys, all date back to the 70’s. The punk scene is in it’s fifth decade. It plays scores, so to speak, that they have endured the test of time and still hold a place on the top 10 list of all time greats.

Then there are the one hit wonders like Roofers of Rampage from the late 70’s. Rampage shot to the top with one, hit grunge tune and have never been heard of since. There was some talent there, but they were either swallowed-up or integrated into other bands. The music industry is not a cake walk. Spanning five generations, is testimonial for the value add that punk music brings to our culture in general. These groups are some of Brandon and my favorites.

Led Zeppelen
Led ZeppelinIn our collection we have a few crossovers from Punk to Rock. In some cases the hybrids are Rock to Punk. One that never gets old is Led Zeppelin. I wasn’t much older than Brandon when I went to my first Led Zeppelin concert, and it changed my life forever. The great guitar riffs, fantastic drums, the best light show of its time, exciting and adrenaline pumping, focused mayhem. Let’s just say – the experience is distinctly memorable.

“Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and the late John Bonham… Led Zeppelin; four individuals from differing backgrounds with diverse personalities and creativity came together composing, producing, and performing music without limits”. . . Rolling Stone

Green Day
Punk has its well deserved place in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Since being inducted in 2015, Green Day hangs out in one of those spots. Entering the picture in 1987 they sprang up from East Bay and in their early days, played a lot in the Berkeley California area. Names that go down in punk music history; Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals, guitar) Mike Dirnt (bass) Jason White (guitar) and Tré Cool (drums) never to be forgotten.

They haven’t had a number one album since their first, but their appeal is widespread having sold 6 million copies of “American Idiot” alone. It went on to win the coveted Grammy for Best Rock Album in 2015. Add that one to the four others on the shelf along with the 75 million records sold worldwide, and it all stacks up. Btw, great commuter album.

Dead Kennedys
Dead KennedysLet the blasphemy begin! As Punk is known for being raw and counter culture, Dead Kennedys shocked their way into recognition in 1978 with a name that got everyone’s attention. It even crossed age barriers. I remember my Grandmother nearly traumatized when she heard there was a band with a name that was held sanctisant in the homes of most Americans.

The threshold had been crossed. It actually wasn’t all songs and roses having such a provocative name, and the band sometimes went by the “ DKs” “The Sharks”, the “Creamsicles”, and the “Pink Twinkies”. They were together only 9 years, but during that time they evolved from hardcore/thrash toward a more innovative jazz-informed style.

So there it is, yet another bridge uniting another genre. Music is what brings us together in spirit, thought, grit and glory. Punk, Metallic, Rastafari, Rock and even Jazz all speak the same language.

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