I know first hand, there is nothing worse than losing a child. Brandon was truly a courageous young man, and in all the best ways, had the heart of a punk and the soul of a Rasta. This article site is about preserving his memory through his desires to express the unique individual he was.

Brandon was always one for coloring outside the lines. He had overcome a debilitating bout of childhood leukemia when he was only 4 years old, and after what seemed like a lifetime, he was given a clean bill of health. Just over 10 years later, after watching him as he was growing into a strong young man, he reported feeling tired all the time and complained of pain in his thighs. At first we thought it was just growing pains, and when it didn’t let up, it was off to the pediatrician where we received the diagnosis of stage 4 Ewing’s Sarcoma, bone cancer.

He was only sixteen when he passed, so his character was still developing, but his foundation was strong. You may assume that this is simply the observation of a loving parent, but his caring actions towards others while he needed so much himself, was exceptional. His blogs were reaching out and empathizing with others who may have similar issues. He also used his article writing as a platform for releasing his anger about his disease. He had the heart of a punk when it came to disrespecting the cancer that was taking his life, but the soul of a Rasta; strong and convicted to a lifestyle that was at the center of a powerful Spiritual belief. He didn’t partake in the Ganja that the Rastafarians are so well known for – against doctors’ orders, but he followed a vegan diet and used any means possible to get next to Nature.

This site is about keeping Brandon with us through his young, alive take on what it would mean to have the heart of a punk with the soul of a Rasta. Since I am none of the aforementioned, I am writing to feel closer to Brandon and soothe my soul as a parent who has lost most, but never all of a son who wanted to be heard beyond his disease.